Students, novice adults, stand-up paddle-boarders, parent & offspring pairs – individuals or teams of two or three

*New for 2017 DU IT Challenge SUP Multisport individual and team category…

4.5 km Paddle, 21 km MTB, and 5.5 km Run.

Start time and place
9:40 am on the water between the starting Buoys, off Blue Lake Reserve, Tarawera Rd, Rotorua.

Junior students  – Under 14  years on race date
Note: Minimum age is 10 years old

Intermediate students – Under 16 years on race date

Senior students – Under 19 years on 1 January 2017

Novice Adult – Female, Male

SUP paddlers – Female, Male

Parent and Offspring pairs – (Off-spring must be under 15 years old and there is no minimum age).

The Course
Three dares, three disciplines, three dimensions to Rotorua, but half the premier race distance.

Designed for young ones, newcomers, stand-up paddle-boarders (SUP) and family participation.

Students, novice adults, SUP paddlers, along with parent & offspring pairs have the opportunity to take on most of the premier multisport race distance, with students vying for 2017 New Zealand Secondary School Multisport Champion crowns and age group medals.

Without compromise, this event showcases what Rotorua has to offer in the way of off-road recreation opportunity.

Beginning on the water with a safe achievable 4.5 km flat-water paddle, competitors will push off from a sandy beach and complete one lap close to shore around on one of the Rotorua region’s most beautiful fresh water lakes—Lake Tikitapu (the Blue Lake). With exception of SUP paddler entrants, all students, novice adults, parent and off-spring pairs entrants can paddle any craft of their choice. All individuals must paddle single craft but parent and offspring pairs may use double craft.

Leaving the water, competitors will transition to the MTB and ride up the hill straight into Whakarewarewa Forest—home to some of the world’s best MTB tracks. Spoilt for choice, riders will enjoy 21 km of the most favoured purpose built tracks including some incredible sweeping downhill runs. For the more adventurous there are plenty of opportunities to get great air.

MTB Tracks & Trails:

Starting and Finishing at the Blue Lake Reserve, Tarawera Road, Rotorua

Tarawera Rd – Windy Rd – Last section of Eagle vs Shark – Windy Road – Tukonihi (lower segment) – Windy Rd into Pipeline Rd – Dragons Tail, Te Ara Puna – Duck Pond Rd, Larch Rd – Yellow Brick Rd – Sandy Skid Road – Pondy Elevator (1st segment), right onto Pondy Road – Tikitapu Road – Tangaroamihi

After an adventure in the Whakarewarewa Forest and returning to Lake Tikitapu and the MTB – RUN transition there’s an awesome 5.5km trail run loop to look forward to. Stunning says it all. Heading clockwise around Lake Tikitapu, this course takes in the best soft trails one could possibly imagine. Competitors will run through native bush, ferns, stands of Eucalyptus and Douglas Fir on a truly amazing course that has some fantastic single track and forest trails and opportunities for spectator viewing. The run finishes on the beautiful beach at the head of the lake. Here there will be a gala atmosphere for all to enjoy.  

Transition area location
ALL Paddle, MTB and Run transitions take place at Blue Lake Reserve, Tarawera Rd, Rotorua.

Start & Finish line location
ALL events start and finish at Blue Lake Reserve, Tarawera Rd, Rotorua.

Compulsory equipment
Paddle stage Lifejacket / buoyancy vest or PFD.

Spray skirt/deck – applies to craft with cockpit rims only.
Airbags – applies to K1 and multisport craft only.

MTB stage Safety approved cycle helmet.

It is the team members personal responsibility to choose suitable equipment (maintained to a safe standard) & footwear. Please dress according to the activity and conditions, and carry necessary fluid and sustenance to see you comfortably through the event.

Support crew
Team mates may assist their fellow team mates in transition areas only. To keep transition areas free of congestion, support crew must stand behind the tape and wait for their competitor to arrive before entering transition.

Didymo (& all aquatic weed) cleaning of craft
Active QT works closely with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to help protect New Zealand’s lakes and waterways.  Lake Tikitapu is free of Didymo and some other aquatic weeds and pests, help us keep it this way.  All paddle craft are required to be cleaned at the cleaning facility provided by DOC at registration on Saturday 3rd June at the Holiday Inn, Rotorua or the Blue Lake Reserve on race day Sunday 4th June.  All paddle craft owners will be provided a sticker to confirm that there craft has been checked and cleaned. Thanks for your support.

Event safety, race rules and fair play info
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