Open to all single paddle craft (K1’s, multisport boats, surf ski’s, sea kayaks, sit-on tops, & standup paddle boards)

Start time and place
9:45 am on the water between the starting Buoys, off the Blue Lake Reserve, Tarawera Road, Rotorua.

The course
Prefer to play on water? Paddle your favoured craft around one of the Rotorua region’s most beautiful fresh water lakes—Lake Tikitapu (the Blue Lake). Pushing off from a sandy beach seated paddlers will complete either one 4.5km lap or two 4.5 km laps (depending upon which event entered) close to the shore around Lake Tikitapu flanked on their journey by native bush, beautiful beaches and Whakawerewera Forest.

*For 2017 a 4.5km SUP has been introduced… Fun times!

Categories–Individual craft only
K1/ Multisport/Ski-Open
Sea Kayak-Open
Waka Ama-Open
SUP-Open (4.5km – 1 lap & 9km – 2 laps)

Finish line location
Beach your craft between the markers and run up though the 3D Rotorua event flags situated on the Blue Lake Reserve, Tarawera Road, Lake Okareka, Rotorua.

Compulsory equipment
Paddle stage – Lifejacket / buoyancy vest or PFD.
Spray skirt/deck – applies to craft with cockpit rims only.
Airbags – applies to K1 and multisport craft only

It is the competitor’s personal responsibility to choose suitable equipment (maintained to a safe standard). Please dress according to the activity and conditions, and carry necessary fluid and sustenance to see you comfortably through the event. Timing Transponders must be returned to the event HQ near the finish line at the Blue Lake Reserve, Tarawera Road, Lake Okareka, Rotorua.

Didymo (& all aquatic weed) cleaning of craft: Active QT works closely with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to help protect New Zealand’s lakes and waterways. Lake Tikitapu is free of Didymo and some other aquatic weeds and pests, help us keep it this way.  All paddle craft are required to be cleaned at the cleaning facility provided by DOC at registration on Saturday 3rd June at the Holiday Inn, Rotorua or at the Blue Lake Reserve on race day Sunday 4th June. All paddle craft owners will be provided a sticker to confirm that there craft has been checked and cleaned. Thanks for your support.

Event safety, race rules and fair play info
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