What billing name will appear on my credit-card statement?
Active QT Ltd

How can I/we pay if I/we wish to enter late at registration?
By cash or cheque only. We have no eftpos or credit facility.

Can I/we pick up race packs on Sunday?
Please note: you can arrange to get a friend or family member to pick your race pack up for you at the registration expo on the Saturday if you can’t make it.

If this is not possible and you still wish to compete, please enter online and we will organise for your race pack, race number and timing transponder to get to the appropriate  start of your event for you to collect early on Sunday morning.
Please note: On the day race pack collection times are as follows:
– 7:00am – 10:00am –Lake Tikitapu (30m from the start line of the paddle and all multisport events).

Can I/we can pick up my/our race pack earlier than your specified Saturday 2:00pm-8:00pm period?
No, unfortunately we use the time prior to the registration to set up and sort last minute details.

What do I/we need to take to collect my/our race packs?
Those pre – registered for the event will simply be cross referenced against the online pre registered lists 

What do I get in my race pack?
Some things have got to be kept a surprise! There will be plenty we can assure you.

I am not quite ready for my event; could I transfer to another shorter event?
Yes you can. Please inform event staff at the race pack pick-up. There is no penalty to do so, but no refunds.

Where can I read the event Waiver?
Before confirming your online entry or to view now please CLICK HERE

Is there an age limit in any event?
No, however parental consent is required for anyone wishing to compete who is under the age of 16 years.

Is there a time limit for completing any event?

Yes, 4:30pm as it becomes unsafe with fading light after this time.

Are there limited entries in any event?
Yes, for safety reasons, there are a maximum number of competitors allowed at each event. In this regard, it is best to enter early to avoid disappointment.

When will the course be marked? 

All courses will be clearly marked in the days leading up to the event.

How do I/we wear my/our race number & timing transponder?
Race numbers must be pinned to the front belly of the outer most item of competitor’s clothing so the race number is visible front the front. Race numbers will be allocated for each team member to wear.

Race timing transponders are either threaded into runners and walkers shoelaces, worn securely around competitor’s lower left leg (just above the ankle) or attached to the fork of competitors Mtb’s for the duration of the event. The team ankle timing transponder will act as a relay baton to be exchanged at each transition point.

Do I have to hand back my race number and timing transponder?
Race numbers – no.
Timing Transponders – Yes, once you have completed the event, the race timing officials will remove these. If you did not start the event and took your timing transponder home by accident please contact the event organisers.

What if I/we lose my/our timing transponder?

If you lose your timing transponder you will be liable for its replacement cost as stated in the event Rules (Timing Chip =$30.00).

What happens if it rains?
Unfortunately we cannot influence the weather. So if it rains, it rains. You’ll no doubt get a bit wet, muddy and have even more fun battling the elements to conquer the course!

What happens if the weather is wild?

A decision to run with the contingency plan will be made in the event of bad weather or circumstances beyond the control of the event management. The Race Director will make this decision on race morning in the interest of everyone’s safety. This decision will be final. Updates will be given to all competitors at their race briefings ahead of their scheduled event start on the morning of the event.

What happens if I have difficulties on the water?

Simple! Stay with your boat.  Raise your arm or paddle high into the air and shout to identify yourself to personnel aboard an official safety boat. If this is not possible, simply roll on to your back to float in a relaxed position.

What should I do if I see another competitor in difficulty?

Please make sure they are alright, assist if necessary, and alert the nearest official as soon as possible.

Must I/we be capable of swimming if I/we are paddling?
Yes, for your own safety!

Will paddle craft need to be treated for aquatic weed and pest (Didymo)?
Yes – Rotorua works closely with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to help protect New Zealand’s lakes and waterways. Lake Tikitapu is free of Didymo and some other aquatic weeds and pests, help us keep it this way. All paddle craft are required to be cleaned at the cleaning facility provided by DOC at the event Registration Expo on Saturday 3rd June at the Holiday Inn, Rotorua or at the Blue Lake Reserve on race day Sunday 5th June. All paddle craft owners will be provided a sticker to confirm that there craft has been checked and cleaned. Thanks for your support.

What are my support crews rights?
Support crew may drop off or pick up gear at any time throughout the event and may assist their competitor in transition area’s. They will however need to be carrying a spare race number (found in competitors registration packs) to be able to collect gear.

How can I see the results?
A complete set of results will be available online immediately following the event and PDF versions will be loaded a day or two later. Check this website under results for a link to view. All participants that are involved in one of the events will be able to download an event certificate to print from the results site.

Will photos be available?
Yes. These will be taken by Marathon Photos. Visit their website www.marathon-photos.com  and follow the links to view and purchase photos of your great day.

Must I be a current member of Multisport New Zealand to compete in the either the DU IT Multisport challenge or 50km Premier Multisport Title Race?
No, however it is recommended you are to be eligible for individual New Zealand Multisport Championship medals, performance prizes and prize money. Competitors visiting from outside New Zealand should be a member of their representative country’s official multisport governing body or Multisport New Zealand. Membership to Multisport New Zealand is just $10.00 and helps nurture and grow your sport here in Aotearoa.
To join Multisport New Zealand – click here

I’m not a current member of Multisport New Zealand, can I join at the event registration?

Yes, last minute membership will be possible at the event registration.

How is the Premier Multisport Title Race team’s event structured?
Each team member does one leg each (unless it’s a team of two, when one member completes one leg and the second member completes 2 legs). Race numbers will be allocated for each team member to wear. The team timing transponder will act as a relay baton to be exchanged within a dedicated team changeover area at each transition.